OpenVPN with RT-AC68U but Synology Share Not Accessible


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Hi guys,

I have an RT-AC68U router with a Synology on the same LAN.
Whilst I am connected to the LAN, I can access the UNC shares from the Synology however when I connect remotely with OpenVPN, I cannot see the shares.

I can use the IP whilst connected to the VPN to connect to the router UI and to connect to the Synology UI but I cannot see any of the shares.

The router gateway is and my VPN gateway setup in the OpenVPN server within the AC68U is Subnet is on both router and for VPN.

I feel like I am missing something simple here and really need to get it up and running.

Really appreciate any advice.

Kind Regards,


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Can not *see* or can not *access* the shares? There's a difference. By see, most ppl mean network discovery doesn't work, so the shares won't auto-populate something like Network Neighborhood in Windows. But they are usually still *accessible* by explicit reference.

If they are NOT accessible, beware that many devices have a same-origin policy when it comes to access policies. You see this in particular w/ Windows. It's firewall will NOT allow access by any other *private* IP network other than the one on which it's currently running. NOT unless you update the inbound rules to permit (in this case) Other devices from other manufacturers have followed suit w/ the similar policies.


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Hi eibgrad,

Thank you so much for your reply :)

To answer your question, I could neither see now access the shares. I tried using the IP address of the synology instead of the UNC path Horace I think I used the wrong IP and instead selected the router rather than the synology. As soon as I used the correct IP, I can access the shares :)

Thanks so much for your help.


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