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[OpenWRT] - disables 802.11b legacy rates as default - finally

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Nice to see this commit over on OpenWRT master (trunk)...

commit ce5bcff304e474d604ac0e25de7b6b124f764351
Author: Nick Lowe <nick.lowe@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 4 17:47:47 2020 +0000

hostapd: Disable 802.11b data rates by default

Set legacy_rates to 0 by default to disable 802.11b data rates by default.

The time has long come where 802.11b DSSS/CCK data rates should be disabled
by default in OpenWRT. Users in need of 802.11b client support can reasonably
enable these where they are needed.

The balance of equities has significantly, and for a long time, tipped
such that dropping backwards compatibility by default with 802.11b
devices is appropriate, proportionate and justified. By doing so,
management and control traffic is moved by default to a 20
MHz wide 6 Mb/s OFDM data rate instead of a 22 MHz wide 1 Mb/s DSSS data
rate. This is significantly more airtime efficient.

Signed-off-by: Nick Lowe <nick.lowe@gmail.com>

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