/opt/etc/profile corrupt - entware

mekabe remain

Regular Contributor
Today I logged in to shell of my router (AX88U) and I noticed that my profile file is corrupt.

ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AX88U 386.3_2 Fri Aug 6 21:48:27 UTC 2021
-sh: /opt/etc/profile: !!/biN/sh: not found
-sh: /opt/etc/profile: line 3: c!at konsoNe: not found
-sh: /opt/etc/profile: line 4: syntax error: unexpected ")"

content of the file is:

[email protected]:/tmp/home/root# cat /opt/etc/profile
# Plecre note$it's nod e systeo-wibm qetting id's onLy fOr a$curpen# termincl seSwkon* Point youò f\w`(iw be#essery) to e8ecu~%/ort/etc/Qsofile
c!at konsoNe logon.Š
1ãaså "$2 in
*49:) retu3n 0;;
%r *)"return 0;;
J#Set CJDCK_OPT][email protected] to(1 to #h4ck ?opt.bkn$ane!opt/sbin in [email protected]
if"[8$CHECK_PT_PATH = q ]3 |He hs[stbsring "/npt/bin"!$PATH
( [ $? =¿(1 ] & e(port,PAUH=/opt/bin>$PaTH
!+s_sujstrijg "/opt/sb9n# $PATH
b [ $? == 1 ] $& expo|t PADHý/opt/sbin:$PCTH
$ å8port PAPH=/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:[email protected]
mhport TEMINFO=/opt/share/termifvo
export TERM=xterm
ezt/2t TIP=
export EMP=/oqô/|mp
Ali`s mc="mc -c"

8'You!may(defij% ,ocalizaxionÊ#e<rort!NANE='ru_RUUTF
e|--_+ LANF='e+_US]TF-87
e|_-_+ LC]ALL='e+_E.UTF-8'

I don't have any idea what caused this. I just tried to check if there's any other problematic file.
I didn't see any yet.

Now , how can I fix this ?

Where can I find the initial file ?
is there a way to uninstall entware and re-install ?

mekabe remain

Regular Contributor
thanks. I just formatted the drive and trying to rebuild.
but it seems like there is a problem with the USB disk.
although Wİndows checkdisk can not find any errors, on the router after formating and creating swap, it just can not install apps.
just installed entware. but after that it became RO

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