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Due to the Pandemic and general boredom, my wife and I have switched to 4k TV and a few other things that have been eating away at my current storage capacity. This is what I have:

Synology DS1819+
8x 10 TB Helium drives

5x 8TB WD Red drives in an old system that I do not use anymore and will reuse with whatever choice I end up doing. More drives too? Hmmm....

Anyhow, I could buy a DX517 expansion enclosure. That would take the 5x 8TB drives and give me 32TB more storage. Due to where I am now (Mexico), the cheapest way I could get the device is going to cost me $700+. At that price, I was considering other options.

I could buy a 2419+ but the cost to get it here would cost me about $2500 in all. That is way too much. I would have to hide the credit card bill for months to be able to get away with that one so it is out.

I could go with other NASs from other manufacturers such as Asustor and Qnap. If I got an Asustor, it would be the Lockerstore 10. If it is a QNAP, I would go with the TS-1635AX. Each of these will cost me about $1500 including shipping and import costs from BH Photo.

What route would you take if you were in my shoes? Budget that the wife will accept would be up to $1500. I need to maximize my storage for that price. Something to consider is that once this Pandemic is over and if I decided to buy another NAS is would either the QNAP or Asustor allow me to bring the BTFS drives from the DS1819+ over without losing data? I would take the DS1819+ back to my US home if I bought another NAS once travel is safe.

What are the pluses/minuses for these scenarios? Which would you do?

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