Orbi LAN Between satellites connection issues


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My orbi system (RBR50 with 2 RBS50) has been great, it provides strong and reliable wifi everywhere but recently a major bug has been troubling me. The system will randomly drop LAN communication between segments. Example: devices connected to Satellite 1 (both wired/wireless) won't be able to ping devices on Satellite 2 (or vice versa) or sometimes devices on Satellite 2 won't be able to ping devices on the Router and vice versa.

I have tried all suggestions, factory resetting, disabling armour and circle, setting ip reservations for all devices, setting a wifi channel and loading voxel firmware. So far loading voxel firmware has decreased this problem significantly but it is still there.

This issue will happen at random but if I put stress on the network, such as streaming from a camera, the lan will break down. When this happens everything usually recovers within a minute unlike when it happens randomly. (such as in the middle of the night) This is very frustrating due to my use of many IOT devices that rely on talking to my server.
A guaranteed way of recovering the network is restarting a or all satellite(s).

Does anybody know of a solution or some recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

I posted on netgear fourms and they directed me here, i have answered a few questions over there. Link

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