Orbi with Voxel V9. moving DHCP to Pihole

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I am trying to move DHCP off the Orbi router to a Pihole running on the network.

The challenge I have is when I turn off DHCP on the router any client joining the network can't seem to get a lease from the new DHCP server on

I have had a look through the settings on the Orbi but can't seem to see any specific iptables rules restricting DHCP traffic unless I am missing something.

Any ideas what could be stopping DHCP being picked up from the Pihole?

Oddly some of my smart lightbulbs manage to connect to the new DHCP server but other devices just refuse to do so - so the requests are getting through, I only have one Sat connected to the router via backhaul. I've gone back to the DHCP server on the Orbi for the time being. The main reason for moving DHCP to Pihole would be to help with identification of devices and what is being filtered in the logs.
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