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Out of left field, LINKSYS MR9610 question

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I THINK this is the right place but if not, delete or move!!!

One of my trusty AC68 APs finally gave up the ghost in a recent storm. It's out in my shop as a wired AP covering a wide open 2K ish feet. My entire network is ASUS running Merlin, consisting of AX88 (main and AP), AX86 (AP), AC68 (AP), and AC3100 (AP). ALL wired APs, no guest networks and fairly vanilla setup. The node will ONLY support wireless devices as it's mounted high and inaccessible.

I can grab a Linksys MR9610 (AX6000) NEW from a reputable source for $75 and was thinking of using it as nothing but a wired AP replacement in the shop. I do have another ASUS AC3100 backup I could use but was going to leave it in reserve :)

I haven't used Linksys in quite some time, I toyed with one a couple years ago when a friend needed help and wasn't overly impressed with the configuration interface, very basic.

So my question is:

What, if any, "problems" may I introduce by using a Linksys MR9610 as a wired AP node in my network? I will NEVER be using AiMesh so that's off the table.
My experience with Linksys dates from the time they were still part of Cisco but i guess the general rule that applies is that if you can configure it as an AP, you can make it function as an AP. The only thing i do know is that AP's from different brands don't always play well with roaming from one AP to another in one LAN. Nothing to do with mesh or anything. I had old wifi routers from different brands (Asus, Netgear) together in my network as AP's in the past and i did experience some issues once in a while such as a device sticking with one AP even if being closer to another with a stronger signal (same SSID and pw) or not being able to connect my laptop connected to one AP with my wifi printer which was connected to another AP on the same LAN. All that went away when i decided to put in the Cisco AP's.

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