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Solved OVPN: Having trouble reaching LAN on configured OVPN Connection Since Updating To 388.2

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Hi there. I can connect by OVPN to a remote system, but when I do I have no access to the attached LAN. When I type in the address for the the local router it just sits and spins. I use this connection to connect to my sister's router, and maintain it. The last thing I did was update her firmware to 386.10 (AC68U) and the next time to change DNS service provider to adguard 1. All in the last week. For some reason now I have a problem. I was able to connect to a computer of hers with TeamViewer and accessed the router that way. I changed the DNS back to Cloudflare and it didn't help. Can anyone see the error in m ways? Any advise on this problem? It just stopped giving me Lan access, strange. Does this have anything to do with the upgraded OVPN version? Thank you in advance.
Logs might give you a hint.

It could be compression, which is deprecated.
Want to make sure that I understand your layout... First, you are using a remote machine running what version of openvpn? Can you post that config? Next, on her router have you checked the configuration (both the general tab - make sure that "Client will use VPN to access" is set to either "LAN" or "Both") and can you post that configuration?

Do yo know what firmware version was on the router before the upgrade to 386.1 (what version of OpenVPN) - I doubt much changed...?
Solved Thanks!
I double checked, and found I had configured the wrong IP in VPN Director, once corrected it all worked.

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