Parental controls block Planned Parenthood

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I recently got a tax rebate (not a refund, my state is distributing part of its budget surplus to taxpayers) and decided to make a donation to Planned Parenthood. I have parental controls set to block adult content. I could not access the PP site (tried 2 different browsers). As soon as I disabled parental controls, I was able to access the site. I assume there must be some language on the site that caused this as I don't expect there were any X-rated pictures! I think this happened once before but I can't remember what site was blocked.


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"Adult" doesn't always mean porn.

Go to to check the classification of a URL. shows as:

The latest tests indicate that this URL contains no malicious software and shows no signs of phishing.

Sex Education
Sites with or without explicit images that discuss reproduction, sexuality, birth control, sexually transmitted disease, safe sex, or coping with sexual trauma.
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Indeed. Treat "Adult" as "Mature" perhaps, so this might include talks about bees and flowers and stuff like that.

wonder where they get their blacklist from?
Site classification is handled by Trend Micro's Website Reputation Service. It's not really a blacklist, but a site classification system, so you can filter based on classes, not just malicious/safe state.


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I believe you can white list the site. At least you can for hostile sites

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