Parental controls : Web vs app?

Herman Slotenmaker

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AC-86U and AC-68U in Aimesh here. Latest firmware.

I configured parental controls on the web interface. But switching it on and off seems more convienient using the app.

When trying to configure parental controls in the app, it appears that I need to configure everything from zero: users, devices, times? Is this true? Are there two ways of configuring parental controls with 2 sets of rules??

Second question:
I need a bit more fine-grained controls than in the web-app. Instead of blocking the internet after a certain hour and filtering adult content, I need to block gaming and streaming before a certain hour (combine time scheduling and content filtering).
Any one suggestions on how to accomplish this?


Herman Slotenmaker

Occasional Visitor
I tried. And can confirm that the set-up in the app needs to be done only once.
After that a pop-up window warns that existing rules will be overwritten.

And now, the content in the web-app and android app are in sync.


New Around Here
Can I ask what app you are refering to? And were you able to filter content by time? I want to block gaming and streaming during certain times everyday but need to allow access to do homework.

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