Solved PC build computer dead.

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I hope it some people here that are expert on computer building.

I switched motherboard to a Tuf 570 gaming one from a gigabyte b350.

When I was offloading the cpu I noticed the cpu was stuck on the fan and followed it. So I have bit of worry that maybe I destroyed the CPU. Some pins was not straight. I straighten them out and they look ok.

The strange behavour of the pc thou.

The first time when the installation was ready all fans started spinning and the case lit up like a christmas three. I did not right away got the signal to the screen so I shut the computer down.

after that shut down the computer was plain dead. Did not react on power at all besides one color cycling led on the motherboard. No fans nothing got turn on.

So I thought maybe it is the motherboard thats wasted. So I installed the old motheragain. When I first turned on the power as the other motherboard all got lit up and running. Then I shut the computer down... Plugged in the graphicard to the board and started it... The exact same thing happend as on the other motherboard. The computer was dead.

Really strange behaviour and dont really know what part is wrong. My suspect is the cpu but why does nothing suddenly start when at first it did?


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Check for obvious errors first: make sure you plug the video card's 12V connector, as well as the CPU 12V power connector at the top of the motherboard.

Test with just one stick of memory, in the slot furthest away from the CPU.

If this is an AMD system, give it a minute on powering it up, it might just need more time to do the initial memory training.


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I cant see what connector that I dont use, have a modular evga 1300w.

The computer is in its room now cycling a led, the power button on the case is on but nothing happens when you push on it. I done as you adviced otherwise. On top of the board I put one 8 pin and one 4 pin connector. They use different cables on the PSU.

As reported, I just got the fans spinning once on both motherboards.


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Update now I got the fans spinning. I have no connection to the screen thou. I have one yellow light on the motherboard and the same cycling led. Displayport cable from graphiccard to the screen. Dont dare to turn the pc off now haha


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Got it to work now!!! Thank you so f much @RMerlin, to have advice me to have some patiance. The problem after that was I was to "cautious" with inserting the ram. Again! Thank you so much


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Just information for future reader about the ASUS Tuf gaming. My advice is to update the bios if you have Version 2407. This version seems to have issues that make it hard to change parts without a headache that something is wrong when you gonna boot up your computer. Changed to a later version and suddenly that problem is gone and you can change parts without problems.
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