PC with two lan ports each having specific traffic rule


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I have a desktop with pci-e ethernet card so two 1gbps ethernet ports. I currently have my PC & NAS connected to wifi router & each having static ip address set in ipv4 settings. I want to connect my pc directly to NAS via second ethernet port on pcie card while 1st ethernet port will remain connected to wifi router. In this setup I want the traffic to/from NAS to go only via the second ethernet port while all other traffic(incl internet) to go via the first/primary ethernet post as it currently does. I have looked into static routes & from what I understood, I would have to manually set a different ip & gateway on second ethernet port & nas(say desktop 2nd ethernet port & nas with default gateway & subnet & then add a static route to pc windows table like this:
route add mask

Is the above correct or the best way to achieve it or can I do better?

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