PCE-AC88 Broken MU-MIMO Support

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@RMerlin @sfx2000

I was wandering if you could confirm if ASUS ever updated the Broadcom chipset from BCM4366 to BCM4366E for their PCE-AC88 PCI-E network adapter & gave it a new hardware revision as they typically do for their routers throughout their life cycle?

I don't believe it was ever confirmed if it indeed had a hardware revision like the RT-AC88U did, apparently Broadcom's BCM4366 chipset was a real dud so they saw fit to rectify it quickly with the newer BCM4366E chipset with "working" MU-MIMO support.
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Pretty sure their was only ever 1 hardware version of the PCE-AC88 card.


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No idea, I don't have one.


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Not sure - I don't have access to one (or a PC that could use it)...

Not a lot of benefit to MU in any event.

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