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PCE-AC88 not working in 5 Ghz mode

Discussion in 'ASUS Wireless' started by Ernesto_rvr, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Ernesto_rvr

    Ernesto_rvr New Around Here

    Jan 22, 2020
    Hello all:

    I've just bought a PCE-AC88 card, because my powerline adapters are getting 40-50 mbps out of the 120 mbps connection. Sadly I can not get it to run correctly. The following things have happened.

    (I've already went thru the guide that is posted on troubleshooting the wifi)

    1-. It sees a 5 Ghz network as well as the 2.4 Ghz.
    2.- To the 2.4 Ghz it connects without any troubles (gets around 30 mbps).
    3.- I've got all sorts of problems trying to connect to the 5 Ghz net. It ran a couple of times on the 802.11 ac only mode. I was getting the full 120 mbps no problem. At some point it just disconnected and never worked again. After that I've tried going to 802.11 a/n/ac without success. The error I get is " can not connect to network". I've tried turning off the 2.4 Ghz network on router. Repeated everything. No luck.
    4.- Yesterday I tried assigning a fixed ip in the router. The AC88 card only connects when using 802.11 a/n/ac mode. Speed around 40 mbps. If I choose again 802.11 n/ac or 802.11 ac only i get "can not connect to network". I've tried auto channels, as well as fixed channel. I've tried 20, 20/40, 20/40/80 Mhz.
    5.- I tried the actual drivers and the old drivers. Ran all the steps before. No luck. Uninstalled and re-installed, no luck.
    6.- My cellphone Samsung Galaxy 50 connects to the router no problem at all. 2.4 Ghz, 5 Ghz, 802.11 a/n/ac, 802.11 n/ac, or 802.11 ac only.
    7.- I've tried to look for adapter properties in advanced section. There is no property that selects either a/nc/ac, or n/ac or ac only mode.

    Windows 10, v1903. The router is provided by the cable company (CH7465LG-LC)

    My preferred solution would be to run on 802.11 ac only, since with that mode I get 120 mbps on my cellphone. Of course the PCI card as well as the router support ac only, since it ran with it a couple of times before it stopped working out of nowhere.

    I'm getting crazy. Any pointers out there? I've attached the router properties.

  2. OzarkEdge

    OzarkEdge Part of the Furniture

    Feb 14, 2018
    It did work and then stopped. You have other equipment connecting ok. Ensure its latest OEM drivers are installed. It's new... assume it's defective and try another one.