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Peplink Balance 20L?

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Anybody used one of these? I haven't had much luck finding reviews.

I'm looking for a dual-wan router to combine 2 isp's. One is DSL and the other is line-of-sight wireless. I've got a small office, and don't need vpn capabilities in the router.

I currently have a Linksys WRT54G that just provides a wireless signal for game consoles and the kid's computers...I'm assuming I would still be able to plug that into a dual-wan router. (?)

I considered pfSense, but that is way over my head in complexity.

Any suggestions appreciated.
I can't comment on peplink since I haven't used them before.

I installed this at my parents office:

Its perfect for small business use; it has some very nice features which you don't find in similar routers for that price. It's been installed for about a year with no problems...It's gui is pretty simple to use. I have only had a chance to test wireless in g mode...which seems to be very stable...this is however expected considering the small size of the office and close proximity to the router.

I setup port based vlan, and qos. a switch with some ip phones and ippbx are given priority and everything from tht switch gets routed through the FE wan port (sdsl connection). On another switch connected to the gigE port of the router are computers, printers, and nas - traffic from this switch gets routed through the adsl connection.. It's used by 8 people... haven't tested the vpn though.

I would definately recommend this router!

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