Planning network in new home (2.000 Square feet) with tenants in basement


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Hello! Sorry if this is the wrong thread placement, this seemed like the best fit.

I am currently building a three story house. The basement will be rented out.
Size per floor is 60 Square meters (or 650 Square feet).

The house will have a single line in from the ISP, and the connection will have to provide internet to both the main residents and the tenants.

I have the following goals for the network:

1. Stationary units will be cabled. Goal is maximum performance, minimal latency

2. provide wifi coverage for the whole building

3. Get a free roaming wireless network for the main residents (not having to think about switching between APs that has the best coverage)

4. Ability to limit bandwidth allocation to the rental unit

5. Completely separate the main resident and rental networks. (The rental unit network and the main residents network should be able to create their own networks with ability to use chrome cast, spotify connect, airplay, Sonos etc, but not see units on the other network)

6. No maintenance setup. I want to set this up and then forget about it (preferably for life)

I have made a map of how I have envisioned making this happen. I am somewhat techsavy, but I am seriously lacking in the network competence department. If someone could point out any incompatibilities or counterproductive solutions, it would be greatly appreciated.

To my understanding i can set up a VLAN out of one of the edgerouter ports. This would separate the resident network from the rental network. If I understand this correctly that would mean that any device connected to the switch in the basement would automatically join the tenants network (I would not have to allocate each device to the rental network)

My questions:

1. Is there enough ports and processing power on the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X to support:
- Modem line in
- Eth out to main resident switch
- Eth out to stationary main resident PC
- Eth out to main resident AP on ground floor
- Eth out to rental switch (separated VLAN)

2. would using a "dumb switch (GS108 in this case)" between the edgerouter and AP cause any problems?

3. Will I be able to separate the networks using VLAN on one of the edgerouter ports (and would all devices connected to this port automatically be assigned to the rental network (plug and play)?

4. Would this solution cause any problems with technologies like Spotify connect, airplay, chromecast etc?

5. Is there any reasons why this would not work or have degraded performance?

6. Would I be able to not have to worry about changing SSIDS/AP's if two APs on the main network is required?

7. Any suggestions as to how this could be done smarter/better/cheaper/easier?

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You don't need a whole Ethernet port for a VLAN. Use a trunked port which will carry all VLANs on 1 Ethernet port. Connect the trunked port to all you wireless devices using a separate SSID for each VLAN. One VLAN and SSID for you and one VLAN and SSID for your renters. Yes Ubiquiti can do this. I would use Cisco switches and wireless devices. Of course you can use more VLANs and SSID if you want. I went with the simple case.

If you want my help you need to use Cisco because that is what I know.

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