Please bring back the VOIP and instant messaging adaptive QOS category

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Earlier this year Asus changed the category names on the Adaptive QOS categories to things like work-from-home, learn-from-home etc. It looks like this was a marketing department attempt to make Asus look like the product to buy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Long standing important category called VOIP and Instant Messaging was abandoned.

Unfortunately in this knee-jerk reaction an error was made. That error was lumping the VOIP category together with everything else that falls into the catch all grab bag called Work-from-home. The unintended consquence of this action is that VOIP calls now have to fight for bandwidth with STEAM game downloads. Overnight one of the world's best routers has become unreliable for VOIP users because of this. It appears ASUS made an error in judgement here. 911 calls and other emergency VOIP calls need to be guaranteed the highest priority or at least guaranteed to be in a category that is suitable to the router owner. THey cannot be blown away by little Johnny downloading a STEAM game update as is happening now when Work-From-home is positioned as the highest qos category and VOIP and STEAM get the same priority.

I am very surprised that the GAMING qos category does not capture STEAM game download activity and throttle it when gaming is a lower category than work from home in CUSTOMIZE. The fix to this is to bring back the VOIP and instant messaging QOS category please in the ADAPTIVE QOS CUSTOMIZE settings screen.


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VoIP was simply renamed to Work-From-Home. Nothing about the category actually changed except the name. But what also changed at the same time was the removal of the underlying tc filter rule that sent all “Untracked/unmarked” traffic to the lowest priority bucket (formerly called Default). Due to unfortunate coincidence of category 0 being “Instant messengers” and untracked traffic getting a default mark of 000000, that unmarked traffic now gets caught up in the IM category.

This is what the relevant tc filters used to look like before WFH/LFH were introduced:

filter parent 1: protocol all pref 2 u32 fh 827::800 order 2048 key ht 827 bkt 0 flowid 1:17
  mark 0x80000000 0xc000ffff (success 8143)
filter parent 1: protocol all pref 3 u32 fh 806::800 order 2048 key ht 806 bkt 0 flowid 1:12
  mark 0x80000000 0xc03f0000 (success 8)
Unidentified traffic marked with 000000 would be sent to the bottom priority in stock firmware. IM traffic marked 000001 through 00FFFF would get sent to the VOIP priority.

Now, the first entry is no longer present, presumably because the old Default class (1:17) is now used as the slot for the Learn-From-Home class, or however the user sets their priority list.

FlexQoS (for ASUSWRT-Merlin only) will restore the filter for Unmarked traffic so that it’s independent of the IM category within Work-From-Home.

What we really need is a fix from Trend Micro on correctly handling Unidentified traffic.
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So where do we have to report this stuff to get it looked at by Asus? Is this the place?
Use the Feedback form on your router's web interface.


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Use the Feedback form on your router's web interface.
@RMerlin is that feature removed from your firmware...?

When I first got my AX88U I did use it to request a type of "VPN Fusion" for routers other than their GT range.
Now I would like to make them aware of the "feature or bug" when you have a VPN client and trying to use QOS means that the download is counted as an upload.
Unless I'm missing it I guess that the feedback option is removed due to now using the 384.19 firmware for the AX88U...?

If that is the case do you have a suggestion where it would be best feeding that back to the most appropriate section for Asus to note....?


I did create a thread on this forum in regards to the above problem where I could have linked Asus to it. But it seems to have been deleted.
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@RMerlin is that feature removed from your firmware...?
Yes, because it makes no sense to send Asus feedback while running a non-Asus firmware.
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