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Please help me find some kind of solution...

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New Around Here
Just wondering if any of my requirements are possible, either with an out of the box solution or with custom firmwares on a caddy etc... having trouble finding anything so hopefully you can help.

Here's what i need.

A Network Attached Drive.
A USB Port also to plug straight into a computer.
NTFS or HFS (not journaled) support Read & Write.
A FTP client included with FXP (Site - To - Site Transfer) availability.

And ideally, for it to allow you to hot swap usb to ethernet. I.e, i keep both cables connected, when i turn on the device which is plugged into the USB it lets me use the drive (but ethernet probably stops working) when i turn off the device which was using the drive via usb, ethernet starts working again.

Is this possible? Or anyone know a device which is close to that.
Most important feature is NTFS support, and FTP with FXP really. As long as a usb port is on it, i guess it doesnt matter if i have to phsyically swap them over each time.

Basically what im trying to do is the following,
I have purchased a WDTV, which is a Hi Def media player, but it only has a USB port, and only supports Fat32, NTFS, and HFS. Fat32 isnt an option, as i need to store files bigger than 4gb on it (DVD ISo's and some mkv files).
So the usb wants to be plugged into that device for watching back the files.

Ethernet wants to be plugged into my router, so i can access the drive via pc to copy files to the drive to watch back on the WDTV.

FXP would be a nice option so i can send files from my other home, to this home remotely, and to save leaving a computer on here all the time.
NASes in general run Linux or other open source OSes and so use those filesystems for their drives.

NASes can commonly support FAT32 and NTFS (read only) only for attached USB drives, which is not what you were looking for.

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