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Please, help to choose a router.

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New Around Here

I own a little Gbit LAN (4 PCs, 3 Notebooks) and have 100 Mbit optical inet connection. Now I use Linksys WRVS4400n wireless router but I am not very happy with it, it is rather slow especially when IPS is on (only 10 - 11 Mbit/s).

I need something faster. It should have good QOS settings and decent IPS throughput. I like DLINK DIR-855 or 825. Do you think are they good for my needs? Or can you offer anything better?

What do you think about IPS in small LAN, is it necessary?

Thank you.
You didn't say why/if you want draft 11n wireless.

What do you mean "good QoS"?

IPS might provide additional security, but features and implementation vary from product to product.
Sorry for incomplete info.

Yes, the router should be draft 11n wireless.

QOS must be well configurable for inbound and outbound connections and functional. I like Linksys WRVS4400n QOS but I have problems with its functionality. It should have Bandwidth management and DSCP setup. It is not the main feature what I need but I would be happy to have more cofigurable QOS.

How quick is IPS in DLINK DIR-855 and 825 router?
How quick is IPS in DLINK DIR-855 and 825 router?

Those products don't have IPS. Also the automatic QoS is uplink only.

Bidirectional QoS is not common in consumer and "pro-sumer" routers.

I am not aware of any other routers that meet all of your requirements.

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