Please Help!!! What is this in my log?

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New Around Here
Could some please tell me what these are in my logs, they happen every day all day.

Aug 17 10:46:20 kernel: bcm_mcast_mld_add:833 mc_fdb->rep_list ffffffc026de47e8 next ffffffc02134b2a0 prev ffffffc02134b2a0 rep_entry->list ffffffc02134b2a0 next ffffffc026de47e8 prev ffffffc026de47e8
Aug 17 10:46:20 kernel: bcm_mcast_mld_add:833 mc_fdb->rep_list ffffffc02c3cd7e8 next ffffffc025ca34e0 prev ffffffc025ca34e0 rep_entry->list ffffffc025ca34e0 next ffffffc02c3cd7e8 prev ffffffc02c3cd7e8
Aug 17 11:00:11 kernel: bcm_mcast_mld_add:833 mc_fdb->rep_list ffffffc0230d94e8 next ffffffc026babca0 prev ffffffc026babca0 rep_entry->list ffffffc026babca0 next ffffffc0230d94e8 prev ffffffc0230d94e8
Aug 17

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