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Anyone running plex?
I am running a plex server on a separate computer. My old router settings were: (name)plex (protocol) TCP_UDP (port) 324000 (IP)

Asus rt-ax86s router page
Heading Names: Service Name / External Port / Internal Port / Internal IP Address / Protocol / Source IP

Would I enter (service name) plex /(external port) 324000 / (internal port) 324000 / (protocol) TCP / (source IP) 192.168.x.xxxx

Or do I leave blank one of the ports (external or internal)?


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You can specify different external (i.e. public facing) and internal (your server) ports if you want to. It sounds like your old router didn't have that ability.

The internal port setting is optional. If you leave it blank it assumes that it's the same as the external port.

Side note: Using Plex's default port on your external interface is a security risk. Port 32400 is well known and will be constantly scanned by hackers. If a vulnerability is discovered in Plex your server will be compromised in no time. It would be better to specify a non-obvious random external port between 5001 and 32767 and map that to the Plex server's internal port 32400.

P.S. You meant "32400" not "324000". The latter is not a valid port number.

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