poco f2 pro only connects in bandwidth 20 mhz rog router ax

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I have a Poco F2 Pro that brings wifi connection 6, I notice that it only reaches internal speed TX 229 RX 258 with a bandwidth of 20mhz, I have made changes to the bandwidth to 80 and in the router records it only tells me that it is connected to 20 mhz, other devices with wifi 5 connect in the 80 mhz band with speeds of 880.

It will be some configuration in the rog router that I am not considering, or with cell phones with wifi 6 the full potential of the router's bandwidth is not exploited.

I would like to know the experiences of other users with Wi-Fi 6 cell phones, or if they have this problem. In theory, shouldn't a higher bandwidth and five network speeds greater than 1Gb get it? I appreciate your comments.

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