PoE for DOCSIS 3.1 (Xfinity)

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Ugh, so Xfinity went and started using spectrum above 1GHz in my area. After an upgrade to their equipment, my CM1150V shows the start of the downstream OFDM channel at 955MHz, which means the top is at around 1150MHz :( I've configured my goCoax to give me 4 channels starting at 1250, so no problem there...the issue is that my PoE filter is now blocking a good chunk of the downstream OFDM. I only have 400Mbps service and still get that, but I do get a blinking downlink light on the cable modem (which indicates "partial service"). I suppose I could try removing the PoE filter and see what happens, but don't think that's viable long term.

Has anyone seen any new PoE filters that work for the newer DOCSIS frequencies? I know @krkaufman has posted a link to a Lindsay Broadband filter (here), but that seems to be a standard 5-1002MHz pass band.

Sure wish they hadn't neutered the spectrum analyzer on my modem :(


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Have a look at the following Lindsay Broadband MoCA POE filters.

Don't know why that POE filter has a spec sheet but doesn't show up in the products page.

Other Lindsay Broadband 1.2 Ghz filters, shown as suitable for MoCA ops:

Here's the link to the Lindsay Broadband filter page:

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