Policy-based VPN kills WAN traffic

Turgut Kalfaoglu

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Hi there. I recently configured the router for a VPN client using OpenVPN, and added a policy -- that only one IP is to use that VPN.
When enabled, the syslog shows "host not found" and no route to host (if I enter the vpn server as an IP address instead).
To fix it, via trial and error, I found that I have to go into the WAN tab of the router configuration, and change anything minor, and APPLY.
That restores the WAN and then enabling that VPN client actually works..

Did anyone else notice anything like that?
This is Firmware Version: 384.16 , on an RT-AC68U.

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Do you use VPN Director?

This is my setup


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Why are you using such old firmware? We're up to 386.7_2 at this point. Even if there is an issue w/ the older firmware, the first thing anyone is going to recommend is getting current, THEN seeing if the problem persists.

Turgut Kalfaoglu

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Many thanks.. No, I never used the VPN Director..

I have been too afraid to upgrade to a newer firmware due to the changes I made..
But you are right, I need to upgrade..

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