Policy Rules not excluding a PC and YazFi network can't see local devices


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1) I have set VPN client 1-4 the same way with different servers and added the kill switch to client 5 only. (See picture)
This setup run flawlessly even when a server goes down, the next client take the relay BUT when I try to exclude a device from the chain, I go to client 1 and add it to WAN in policy rules. It work BUT THE DNS NEVER LEAVE THE TUNNEL so I can't load a new web page . I see the isp ip but no DNS https://ipleak.net/ .... Making internet useless for this device

2) I Also have a problem with Yazfi who is also working flawlessly BUT the device in thos guess network can't see my local devices (TV, printers, etc..) but I have set it correctly (see pictures)


  • VPN client 1 to 4.PNG
    VPN client 1 to 4.PNG
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  • client 5.PNG
    client 5.PNG
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  • Guess.PNG
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