Diversion Popular Whitelist not included? Amazon store not working

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Just installed Diversion and Skynet today. Noticed my Amazon app not working on my android phone. Searched and found an older comment from may 2020...... WL these if USA:

Figure something like this would already be included? Figure I'd post and ask if someone has a good list of things to Whitelist instead of scraping logs after the fact......


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The problem with Amazon's Android app is that it relies on trackers for the app to work. The same trackers are used across other web sites to track usage, product searches and to serve Amazon based advertising. You can either allow Amazon to track you, which of course defies what you wanted when installing Diversion and Skynet. Or you can use a web browser to access Amazon's store safely without allowing them to track your every move, i.e. Firefox with uBlock and Privacy Badger installed. The Amazon android app is really a privacy nightmare and does this on Android only. Apple wouldn't allow the same level of sharing on their platforms and Amazon also knows that they couldn't do the same on any browser since they would block this kind of privacy invasion as well.


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I tried white listing a few and a few more, but it kept happening albeit infrequently. Wife wasn't having it. Disabled diversion for now. :(


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Run Diversion with "Follow DNSMasq" log showing, filtered by blocked domains. Then have her do some stuff and see what pops up for manual whitelisting.

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