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Portable server recommendations?

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Hi everyone,
I work for a motorsport photo agency, and we're looking for advice on what kind of file server we should buy to help us sort and process images at race meetings.

We've expanded recently to a 5 person team (3 macs, 2 PC's) and the Synology DS 207 Plus (2 x 1TB) we've got currently is underperforming. We're doing alot of copying and moving of image files (as they are ingested, duplicated, sorted and processed) and we're continually experiencing server hang...I estimate that for every 5 days we work, we've lost 1 to server speed.

Graham (our IT guy) seems to think that the problem we're having is a lack of processor speed. We all connect through ethernet cables running at full speed (1000 err...."somethings") as shown by our router display, but even when we aren't generating traffic, large amounts of data seem to be going backwards and forwards through the router. We thought this might be a Mac-PC problem made worse by the fact that we're displaying images with thumbnails, file data, embedded metadata.....rather than Word docs and the like. How likely is this?

More to the point, can any recommend an alternative? I've suggested a DS-209 Plus because it boasts an 800MHz processor (vs. the 200MHz in the 207) and (I think) 512MB of RAM (vs. 256MB).

The other big drawcard for the 209 is portability; we travel by plane alot, and need to keep the size and weight of our equipment down as we're on the limit right now. We'd also like to keep some kind of backup/redundancy in our system so that we don't lose all our work after a drive failure etc.

And to make it even more difficult, whatever we buy needs to be available all the way down here in New Zealand.

Does anyone have any suggestions on diagnosing our problem with the 207, or what we should replace it with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I agree with the guy who says it is due to the slow processors and small amount RAM.

I suggest you using a small computer, like Acer Aspire Mini PC (very fast). Second choice is MSI Wind mini desktop or Asus EEE box.

Even a laptop provides much higher transfer speeds than the NASes.
But make sure the mini PC you buy has a Gigabit ethernet port, 1000 Mbit/sec,
not Fast Ethernet, 100Mbit/sec!
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Its possible that I have misread the information given, are you looking to carry your entire server and data with you on frequent travels, or are you looking for a blank area to save, then sync up when back at the office?

I believe further information is required to fully appreciate the kind of solution you require, but my initial thoughts would probably be that you need a proper server, along with a backup system in the office. And some form of rugged hard disk/ssd to travel with, and be small enough to fit in hand luggage.

Knowing your exact requirements better, down to file sizes, working practice & capacity may spark some good solutions on this forum.

A consideration outside of the office my be that you need some form of encryption, as your images may be of commercial value or could cause your agency embarrassment/loss of business if lost and it came to light they got posted on the web.
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I was in a store recently looking for same thing and the sales people said that none of mini netbooks laptops have gigabit ethernet.
How much space do you require for a trip? I'm assuiming once u get back to your main office u just offload everything onto your main server or storage device?
Actually, the new HP Mini 2140 does have a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port. I think it's the only netbook to have one.

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