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Solved Portforward not working on RT-AX86S

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I've been trying to portforward on my ASUS AX86S router for a couple of days and its just not working and idk what else to try. Anyone having similar issues or know issues or anything I should try? thanks

Port 25565 TCP should do it. https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/how-to-port-forward-a-minecraft-server

By any chance is your AX86S behind another router or firewall? If so you will need to open ports in that router or put your AX86S in a DMZ.
Yeah I did 25565 TCP

To my knowledge the AX86S isn't behind another router or firewall, no, it's just a regular home internet connection.
Portforwarding was working fine on the previous router we had (same ISP and IP address), but now it just doesn't.

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