YazDHCP Possible Bug? Manual Assignment ignores all but final byte of IP...


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Not sure if anyone has had this problem, but it is killing me. Using asus merlin wrt firmware with YazDHCP installed. Router is, but DHCP manual assignment doesn't let me assign anything other than on For instance if I enter as the assigned IP for a particular MAC address, it will accept it when I press Add, but after pressing Apply it will have changed it to Is this known behaviour?

Jack Yaz

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Yes, intended. Currently YazDHCP assumes a /24 and strips the first 3 octets to increase the number of reservations that can be saved via the API


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Thanks for the heads up!

The odd part in that case is that it appears to work as expected (allow any subnet IP to be used) if I enter the desired IP address in the /jffs/addons/YazDHCP.d/.staticlist and then import it with your bash script...

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