Possible bug: SMB Simpler Share Naming

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RT-AC86U, Merlin 386.1_2.
After enabling "Simpler share naming", more and more smbd processes emerge on ps list. CPU spikes to 100%. After disabling the option, only one smbd process left. Everything back to normal. This is always reproducible. See screenshots below. (FYI, I did clean install: stock firmware > factory reset > Merlin > factory reset).




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Have you tried rebooting your PC(s)? It's possible that they're remembering to old pathname and repeatedly trying to connect to it.


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Simpler sharing is working fine on my AC86U with 386.1_2 with two USB drives. One drive has two ext4 partitions and the other has three ext4 partitions. (Thanks ColinTaylor for making that easy to setup.)


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So if a SMB client keeps trying the "wrong path", it will create a DoS attack and eventually bring down the router?

Anyway, I restarted the PC and re-enabled the "Simpler share naming" option. See how it goes. Thanks!

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