Possible RT-AX58U Constant disconnect, 15+ times/day

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Hopefully I can get some insight here to a problem I am having with my internet disconnecting multiple times a day (15+ times) at all times. The router is the ASUS RT-AX58U and my modem is a netgear CM1200. I will try to give as much info as I can but let me know if I should post anything.

Apartment thats around 1000 sqft modem/router next to each other centrally located in apartment, cox internet, 3 hard wired devices and around 10 more devices connected wirelessly. Router and modem are coming up on 2 years old IIRC

It has been happening for around a month or two but at first it was only at night and happened once a night if that. Now it is happening so many times a day I lose count. When I lose connection, the red light on the ax58u shows red and the downstream light on modem will flash. To get the internet back I sometimes have to reboot the router or it will happen automatically after around 5-10 seconds. I have seen (just watched the light turn red and white) the router disconnect/reconnect 5-10 times in a 2 minute window before.

Trying to figure this out as me and my son use this for work/school, so this might be a simple thing like the "buy a different router/modem" lol but can anyone suggest what I can look at to diagnose what is the culprit behind this? Maybe it isnt even the router and I'm looking at the wrong thing?

Thanks for any help/insight you guys can give.
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are you sure is the router disconnecting? try RMerlin soft and confirm the same operation https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/

download for example this soft to test your internet connection https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/ you can find on yt a lot tutorials "how".
Now that you put the question in my head no I am not 100% sure it is the router it was just a guess (uneducated ill admit) based on that I'm seeing the router disconnect visually but that doesn't mean much. I will download that in the morning and run the test and watch a YT on it. Are the results pretty self explanatory or do I need to look for certain things with the winmtr?


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winmrt will show you internet connection between you PC to web you using like google.com or example - it will show ping between your PC and router, router and modem, then all step by step traffic. Where you will see high ping or packs lost you will know if it is your router, modem or something farther.
this one is good tutorial


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I strongly recommend contacting Asus regarding your router's issue so that they can issue an RMA.

I have the same model of both the router and cable modem. Ever since I bought the router to use as a AImesh node, it gradually slows all network connectivity to the point where after 3-4 weeks, I end up with dial up speeds and ping in the high 300 range using both wired and wireless connections.

I ended up sending the router back to Asus and I am currently waiting for them to address the issue, and to hopefully fix or to send me a replacement RT-AX58U.

I strongly believe that there is a major issue with this particular model of router. If you Google issues with this model, you'll find that many people have reported similar issues. Meaning the router works well for a while until it doesn't.

Granted I acknowledge that some people have had no issues, but when I read thread after thread regarding the same complaints, I suspect that their was a bad batch of this model that has been produced between last year and now, that requires repair or replacement. Asus quality control really failed with this particular model.

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