Possible to connect router to multiple hotspots?


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So I would like to have the ability to connect my Asus RT88u (Merlin) router primarily to my iPhone's hotspot. Then when I take my iPhone outside of my house, I would like for my router to "roll" to my TMobile hotspot which I will also have at my house. After some light reading, I see that this router can only tether to an Android device. Sounds like I could connect the TMobile MiFi device directly via USB to my router but this would only accomplish part of what I'm trying to do. So then I was thinking I could buy a cheap android phone and configure it to connect to both the MiFi hotspot as well as my iPhone's hotspot. Then, connect directly via USB to my Asus router and set to wireless router mode. But I'm not sure the android device could be configured for network priority (e.g. connect to my iPhone when available or then connect to the MiFi when iPhone is not available).

I also think I might have an old DDWRT router somewhere but I would guess that configuring that or even a WiFi extender would have more limitations. I'm open to thoughts and ideas guys!


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You are right, Asuswrt doesn't support receiving tethering from iPhone via USB for now (due to lack of drivers).

But I have an easy way to achieve what you want.

Change the TMobile hotspot and iPhone hotspot to the same SSID and password. So the router will always try to connect to that SSID(s), no matter which one is left at home.

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