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Power adapter interchangeability

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Which Asus routers use the same power adapters? I would be helpful to have a list with part numbers. For example, I know that the RT-AC66U B1 and the RT-AC68U use the same one. Right now I'm wondering if the RT-AC86U uses the same one as the AC66U and AC68U. It appears the output voltage and amperage match. Does the plug match?

I while back I bought a replacement power adapter on Ebay by using the part number on the power adapter. The listing did not mention routers or the AC68U at all. It was for a Vivobook and was much cheaper. I am talking about actual Asus branded power adapters not after market.
The rt-AC86U uses the same one as the rt-ac68u. I have both routers that I swap in and out using the same adapter.
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