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This topic is posted every so often in slightly different forms. But it sort of boils down to brand.

I need a GB 16 port unmanaged switch. I would like to stay under $200 and around $100 would be better. Fanless, low power is a requirement.

I have looked at the range of available devices and most seem to have similar performance. In some cases there are differences in performance/features (like available RAM). Prices are similar for the general product range if staying away from more commercial/enterprise vendors like Cisco, HP, etc.

Having chosen to look at mid-range, I have read an annoying number of "customer feedback" posts. Filtering out the spurious comments, it boils down to lifetime and stability.

For example the NETGEAR ProSafe GS116 is currently on sale. It seems like a nice device. I have looked at it before. But only bit over 1/2 of the comments note no or few problems. A consistent complaint is the power supplies seem almost designed to simply blow up (although timing seems to peak about 1 day after warranty). They over heat, become highly intermittent in hanging up, having bad ports, speed problems, etc. They either run cool or very hot (opinions vary). They seem to have a problem with capacitors like those Chinese junk copies that flooded distribution some years back. The PS can simply be replaced when you buy it with a decent supply. Some go in an replace with better spec caps. Most of the problems could be ascribed to poor power and heat. So the new PS and a fan might make it an ideal switch. All this, of course, increases the great sale price you just paid to what perhaps a better unity would cost. But then what is that better unit? This becomes a semi-infinite and usually circular path.

There seem to be similar reports for just about any brand. And of course these reports are from an almost significantly small sampling of the numbers of items sold; usually by a single retailer.

Most times I see a request for help on this question it ends with "I have a XXYYZZ NNNN and it has worked fine". This is an infinitesimal sampling of reliability.

OK. Nothing makes sense to me. Can't find a database that actually has a meaningful sampling of appropriate data. But I still have no new switch. And I need one.

Does anyone out there have knowledge of reliable data (perhaps an evaluation by a big commercial user) to pick a manufacturer/device out of the market. In lieu of that, can a bunch of you who have had experience with multiple devices throw in your recommendations and maybe that sampling will make me comfortable enough to buy something. Yeah, I know. I can be way too anal retentive. You should have watched my gyrations for picking a new router.

Mark Uhde

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It's an unmanaged switch. All the good brands work pretty well. I recently posted a similar question though, but mine was about the little Mikrotik managed switch - which is an iffier proposition to me (a $40 managed switch...). No replies yet tho.


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I have been using HP Procurve with no issues. I upgraded to a HP Procurve managed switch and both runs cool. Pairing it with a patch panel makes redeploying outlets between cat5 and phone easy.


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I prefer the kind that is cheap. I suggest looking at eBay, you'll find quite a few used inexpensive managed switches.

Two things to account for, some are quite loud, and you should consider where you are going to put it.

Then, some older switches require initial set-up using the switches serial port, once configured (an ip address) you can then access the switch through a web interface.


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I just bought a Netgear GS108E 8 port gigE managed switch. $50 on eBay inclusive of shipping. Works fine. Wish it had a web server for management rather than a web browser + custom PC software. But hey, it was cheap.

Uses DHCP to get management address, or you can assign a LAN address.

Has port monitoring/mirroring and VLANs, the only two things I wanted. Also has QoS but I don't need that at the switch level.

There's a 16 port version.

Not saying Netgear ProSafe PLUS (managed) is the best - I'm just cheap.
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Mark Uhde

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The other replies relate to managed switches, did I misunderstand that you want an UNmanaged switch? There's definitely a lot more differences in managed switches...


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My mistake, you are correct Mark - he said unmanaged, not managed.

And, as you said, not alot of range there.

I'm not positive, but didn't Tim recently recommend get a couple switches instead of one big one? Smaller switches, where the total ports add up to the number you are looking for? I can see sense in that, less stress on a switch, and flexibility, you can locate half the ports there, and the other half here.


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For 16 port unmanaged switches, buy on price and warranty. Any decent current-design switch is not going to have fans, so noise isn't an issue. They all perform the same.

If you run a lot of traffic, Gigabit switches will run hot and hot tends to fail. NETGEAR ProSafe and many (most?) D-Link (except for 5 port cheapies) come with lifetime warranties. They don't cross-ship, though, so if you can't afford to be down, buy two.


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OK. Thanks everyone. Ordered the Netgear GS116 Prosafe. For $100 shipped that seems like a pretty good price.


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It is in Newegg's sale email for Memorial day. It is for subscribers only. But you might go to their web site and see if they have the same stuff there. It is a discount, a coupon, and a mail in rebate together. If nothing else, try signing up for their emails and see if they send you one.

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