Private dns question

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I've been enabling private dns on my samsung A50 ( and I was just wondering since I am also using DNS-over-tls on my rt-ac86u (Latest Merlin build) should I instead use the OFF setting in my phone or the automatic setting?

I'm assuming it's not necessary to have it enabled in both places (phone & router) however what about when I connect to a different wifi hotspot or use my data to browse the web?

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Well,IMO...I'm using Samsung A9 and I found that there's no differ either "off" or "auto"..i've no idea what exactly the nuance among them(dns drifts to the connected wifi otherwise it switched to cellphone provider carrier).
If you choosing private DNS,it will be always on .


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turn it off. Then set up unbound (without DoT), and a VPN server on your router that your phone connects to when off your wifi.
Your router can run WireGuard as the VPN (for speed):

that'll be about as private as it gets.

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