Problem adding a DSL-AC68U as an AiMesh Mode


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I have got a DSL-AC68u with the gnuton-snapshot-feature-repeater firmware that has worked well in Access Mode connected by ethernet to my ISP supplied modem/router. I just bought another DSL-AC68u with a view to add it as an AiMesh node. It can also be connected by ethernet back to the Access Point

The problem is i cannot get the Access Point router to pick up the new one as a Node. It will find it, but very time it comes back with the error "Unable to add your AiMesh node ...." for a number of possible reasons, not of which i apply.

The state of the Node router is post a Factory reset
I have tried various firmwares on it including the gnuton-snapshot-feature-repeater, 386.5_2-gnuton0_NO-DSL-FIRMWARE, and the latest firmware for the DSL-68U from ASUS
I have tried with and without an ethernet cable connection between the Access Point and the Node
The two routers are sitting within 1-3 metres of each other
I have tried Ethernet Backhaul mode on and off

Any ideas on what i am doing wrong or an alternative way to set the network up to utilise the power of the two 68u's compared to the weak EIFI in the ISP supplied Huawei?


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Hi. Try to put the ethernet cable in the wan port of the node and lan port on router. Then add node


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Thanks. I had tried that and just did it again with no luck. The node router needs to be in it's factory reset state as i understand it, in which case Lan 1 on the DSL-68u won't have been configured to act as the WAN port

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