Problem: setting up a photo web service (IMatch Anywhere)


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I would like to set up Imatch Anywhere on my pc behind an AX68 router running Merlin 386.5. Imatch Anywhere has a super easy set up and worked behind my old router.
What should I set up in the AX68 routers setup to reach it. I always get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error.


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Do you wish to use it from the internet?

Just found the following on IMatch Anywhere's website:

Security Considerations​

IMatch Anywhere has been designed to be used in secure home or corporate networks. We don’t recommend making it directly accessible from the Internet for security reasons. Always use a VPN or run IMatch Anywhere WebServices behind a hardened reverse proxy when you want to allow direct access from the Internet. See the IMatch Anywhere documentation for more information.

If on the same network, this shouldn't create any problems, but if you want to access over the internet, we and IMatch both recommend using a VPN instead of opening firewall ports.

If your LAN has double NAT, i.e. the IP address under the old route is not the same as the IP address under the new router, you might be able to try AiMesh or just put the old router in AP mode. Otherwise you may need to configure the routing table manually.
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I did not even reach it from my network. I could create an OpenVPN connection, that seems to work (I do not know, how to test, but I see ot working on the app).
I just have one router.

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