Problem when installing Merlin firmware 2.0 or 2.2 with AC68U

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I am equipped with an AC68UF router.
I haven't had a problem so far installing the latest versions of Merlin up to version 1.2. My attempts to install versions 2.0 and then 2.2 seem to fail.
At the start of the loading, I have a message that says "Failed to update the software. This could come from an incorrect image or a transmission error. Etc.". Nevertheless, the loading seems to continue.
At the end of the loading, I have a message that says "The firmware update is complete. Please manually restart your RT-AC68UF".
Then when I relaunch the router's administration interface, I still have version 1.2.
Any idea to solve this ?


  • error message at the start of loading.PNG
    error message at the start of loading.PNG
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  • message when loading is complete.PNG
    message when loading is complete.PNG
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Check that you are using the correct firmware. It is easy to get the firmware for AC86U and not the AC68U.

And, the firmware version is 386.2_2

Jack Yaz

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Looks like another case of someone not paying enough attention to download AC instead of AX. While Asus could be more helpful with the model numbers, how difficult is it to actually read and check you've downloaded the right thing?


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And although I know the problem and the risk of confusion between 68 and 86 on the one hand, between AC and AX on the other hand, to say nothing of the combined risk, I nevertheless made the error! I will now know that I have a tendency to dyslexia ... or that with age the attention problems are more acute.
Thank you very much all of you.

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