Problem with ASUS ZenWiFi AX Mini xd4 and Moca 2.0 wired backhaul


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I received yesterday my 3 new units Asus zen xd4 mini but I have a problem,

I have a wired Moca network from my ISP, I have a big house with 3 floors.

I tried to connect the nods to the 2 units Moca 2.0 that I have, but they did not sync they disconnected every time when I tried connecting the Asus units I tried in different locations and this simply did not work.

The wired thing when the Moca is connected to my Android Tv stream or my Xiaomi Mi tv there is not any problem at all.

something like every 5 minutes this Moca unit disconnect, the Coax light turn off and not work anymore,

thanks for the help.
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Moca is generally for those places that do not have Ethernet (or wireless that can supply an IP address) to a "Smart" cable box.

Are you using Moca 2.0 adapters or is the Moca in the Cable Tuners? who is you ISP? Ask them if you can run over Ethernet (don't say wireless)

Do the Cable Boxes have an Ethernet in or only coax. If they have Ethernet in you may be able to do away with Moca all together and just use your ASUS to get ethernet to your tuners.

A diagram and HW specifics may help

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