Problem with internal network slowdown AX56U latest Merlin


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Hello, I have got a setup of 2 ASUS AX56U in my house, one is functioning as a main router, and the other as weird backhauled mesh.
The main router is using the latest Merlin firmware (386.7_2) and the mesh unit is using the latest official Asus firmware.
The problem that arises is that in some random times, the internet connection speed drops to nearly 0 with insane levels of ping.
The issue is definitely not the internet connection(pppoe) because right after waiting a few seconds/minutes the speed back up to 930(gig connection), also - when checking internal ping to the router itself it spikes to 2800 ms and more and the router's interface can't be reached or if so, then with a very low speed of loading.
if i reboot the router or wait a few minutes the problem fixes itself, but I don't want it to happen any more. any ideas to why it happens? I don't think its wiring mistake because as I said it comes back to normal after some time.
I have Dual WAN with load balancing enabled if it matters.


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Sorry is this happening also on the main router or the mesh node or both?

The intermittent (random) nature of these spikes are hard to troubleshoot unless you narrow down the device causing the issue. I assume your on fibre and not some niche connection like Starlink satellite to get those speeds.

I would also try to eliminate dual wan from the picture to see if fallback or load balencing is causing the spikes. You can also run QoS Cake so your devices aren’t hammering your network randomly monopolizing speeds. But that comes with a caveat.

I personally think those routers are a bit weak for those speeds tbh as without NAT hardware acceleration enabled it might not even hit those line speeds. Cake and Bandwidth limiter disable NAT hardware acceleration.
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