Problem with openvpn server access on iobroker port 8081


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Dear all,
On my Raspberry pi iobroker is installed. The webui can be reached unter https://ip Raspberry pi:8081 , if I am connected via wifi or lan without any problems.
On the port 80 adguard home webui can be reached.

If I access my router via openvpn server , I am able to access the webui of adguard home via port 80 but not the iobroker on the port 8081.

Ssh to the Raspberry is working.

Any idea, what i can do to access the iobroker webui via vpn remote?

Thanks a lot


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This is probably a configuration issue on the Pi or in iobroker. Check the Pi's firewall (if it has one) and ACLs.


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Ok, thanks a lot for the hint. So you don't think, that it could be related to the vpn director?

What are ACLs? Sorry for my missunderstanding.
Do you have any links where i can look for more information?
Thanks again.


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My First idea was to create forward rules for all adresses of my lan to the network of my openvpnserver over wan via vpn director and the opposite way around. But as I said, I can't access the port 8081 of my pi, if i am connected via openvpn. Is there a possibilty to create a rule manually?


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As @ColinTaylor suggested, the problem is likely due to personal firewalls on the target device. At least that's the most common reason given we know the routing works correctly based on the ability to access port 80.

For this reason, it's sometimes convenient to use the following technique to mask the source IP of the OpenVPN client w/ that of the router itself on the LAN, thus tricking the target device into believing the source device is part of its own local IP network.


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