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Hello ! Can you help me? I use 386.2_6 on rt-ac88u. And have problems with Instagram stories. It’s stopped, have lugs, slows down. You can see at video. I have 200 mb channel. Don’t have problems with any other sites ( YouTube and etc). Have problems and on pc with cable and wifi iPhones ( my and my wife) , her macbook has same problems too. But if i off wifi on my iphone and connect via lte don’t have problems. I changed firmware to asus’s official, off many settings in router ( qos, ai protection and other) and can find problem ((



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Use a different (manual) control channel.


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And have problems with Instagram stories.
It's a compatibility problem with the hardware video acceleration in your browser.

In Chrome go to Settings > Advanced > System and turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available".


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Non-Wi-Fi interference is real (and almost impossible to detect).

If the issue persists after trying @ColinTaylor's suggestion, give new control channel a try.

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