Problems blocking IoT devices from internet (ASUS Merlin)


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My home network consists of one router running asus merlin, and 2 access points running original asuswrt. I have disabled internet access on my IoT devices using the GUI, through the time scheduling option. However, my IoT devices frequently disconnect and try to reconnect to another AP. I figure this might be because they are trying to connect to the internet. This causes frequent disconnections and my IoT devices often do not respond. Is there a way to block their internet access and not have the problems with disconnections?


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There could be several reasons. First, some questions:

1. What routers are you using (IE: model number, RT-AC86U for example)?

2. Are you manually selecting channels or using Auto?

3. Is this occurring on 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or both?

4. What version of Merlin-WRT are you using?


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Hi there!
I am using an RT-AC86U running merlin 384.17. I have 2 access points connected to the merlin router, both are RT-AC1200G+ running stock asuswrt, ssids are set to be the same.
Channels are manually selected, and they all run on non overlapping channels.
This is occuring on 2.4GHz, all my IoT devices are connected to the 2.4 band.

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