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New Around Here
Hi guys, I have a question about the site, when I go every time I am asked to enter a Captcha and then for a while it disappears and then appears, I understand that this is not so often but sometimes it pisses me off... Could there be a problem with my IP? If you have any ideas, please tell me


Part of the Furniture
Which 'site'? Which router? What firmware? What browser? What extensions are you running?

What other details can you provide about the features and options you have enabled on your network/router and client devices?


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
He's most likely referring to SNBForums. The site uses Cloudflare both for performance and security reasons. Certain IPs might trigger a captcha. Not much that can be done about it AFAIK.


New Around Here
Your IP can actually be in the Ip Adress Black list. You can check it in the Web Spam Database or other similar sources. I think it is quite common problem - jast have a cup of coffee and solve it.
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