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Pronounced Lag After Upgrade to .342 Firmware

Discussion in 'ASUS N Routers & Adapters' started by Bulldog, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Bulldog

    Bulldog Occasional Visitor

    Feb 17, 2009
    I love my RT-N56U but I think...maybe...that the .342 firmware is causing a problem.

    My RT-N56U is paired with a Asus USB-N53 adapter (w/latest driver) and runs on Windows 7 x64. Maybe coincidence, but around the time I installed the new firmware my computer developed a pronounced lag before connecting to the internet. Example: I load my browser (Chrome, Firefox or IE) and there is a 'waiting period' of 10 - 12 seconds before the browser connects to the internet.

    Same thing happens with email (Outlook 2010): There's a waiting period before Outlook starts downloading mail.

    When I replaced the USB-N53 adapter with an Ethernet cable, wow: virtually instant connection.

    * Anyone else w/similar experience after .342?

    * If .342 isn't the cause, I'll gratefully appreciate troubleshooting tips.

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