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Proxy on the router

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by Doverton, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Doverton

    Doverton New Around Here

    Mar 12, 2019

    I have an RT-AC3200 and I am trying to monitor the school revision work my son is doing, i.e. see if he is really hitting the revision sites.

    So, initially I thought the Web History would do this, however he is able to show browser history that is not showing in the web history. Frequently his device is not listed in the drop down, so it is a painful process to extract the information.

    So, given the problems with Web History, I figured if I loaded a proxy onto the router, then I can simply grab the connections from the log file and work that way. I've tried tinyproxy and squid, but I'm struggling with both. I've tried searching the forums, but the answers don't seem to make sense to me. Has anyone else done this and if so, would you be so kind as to share some advice?

  2. L&LD

    L&LD Part of the Furniture

    Dec 9, 2013
    Install his computer in the living room and watch him do the work required?

    Can't recommend anything to do directly on the router itself, this would be best served with commercial hardware and software options.

    Even if he is logged on to the revision sites, doesn't mean the work is actually being performed. ;)
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  3. Zonkd

    Zonkd Very Senior Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    He could just refresh the webpage to make you think he is using the site to do work.

    You could run a screen casting app to record the desktop and warn him you’ll review the video later to see if he’s been producing the work.
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  4. st3v3n

    st3v3n Very Senior Member

    Feb 24, 2016
    Central US
    Doverton, welcome. I agree with L&LD, surely you could just have a nice sit-down visit with your son, in person, to be sure he was on schoolwork, and not performing questionable research on whitehouse doht com? (Really, don't go there). May have missed it, but the message wasn't entirely clear; is your son away at Harvard or up in his bedroom at home? Seems trust has gone out the window once more for everyone. Famous people including current, popular actresses, paid large sums to get into college because they couldn't pass the SAT/entrance exams and the colleges didn't care; they only wanted more 'incentive' (accepting a 'bribe' seems a bit harsh).

    With husbands and/or wives paying hackers to check each other's web histories, history repeats itself. Like so many parents who track their children's smartphone location while they're away from home or at school, overzealous hubbies are tracking their wives texts, photos and location in real-time with a cellphone app, from abroad. At least no new naughty cloud selfie has been released today.

    Sure hope it works out between you and your son, as we can always use another brilliant, dedicated scientist or astrophysicist. Cheers.
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  5. Zonkd

    Zonkd Very Senior Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    Reeelaxxxx. It's appropriate to supervise children during school hours. Why should it be inappropriate to do the same at home during an agreed upon time for completing home-work? Some kids can work independently, other kids need to be taught how. A screen recording would keep me honest. I wouldn't presume to know how much supervision his kid needs to stay on task while studying.