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Hello, all I am at a crossroads regarding which NAS to purchase. Yes, I know both are completely different but the price $700 compared to $1600 for i3 and $1900 for the i5 version for the TVS-h674 I am wonder will ever take advantage of it. I have a friend that has an older model TVS that uses ZFS it is very nice. I want a six-bay NAS for flex ability. I have six Hard drives ready for use. The following is how I am going to use it for home use only. I have five computers one of them is a MAC. I have two 1TB NVMe drivers that I use and if go with the TS-664 I will be using a maximum of 16GB of ram and for the TVS I will use 32GB of ram. I have access to 2.5 and 10Gbe network connections. The NAS will be used for.
1. Backups
2. Plex Media Server [HD and 4K movies and home movies, music, collection]
3. One or two VM'S ubuntu etc not at the same time. (light use)
4. One or two containers not running at the same time. (Setup Minecraft server for grandson)
5. Photo Editing using lightroom.

I love ZFS system but I am not sure the $1000 will be worth it. So will TS-664 be ok or save up for TVS-h674? I don't want to purchase TVS if I am not going to take full advantage of it. I would like to here from others.

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Just build a PC and put Linux on it and share the drives with samba. For the VMs just use virtualbox. Plex runs well on Linux which the Nas is based on anyway. Going with a PC will be cheaper if you decide to upgrade your speeds as well as you can swap then NIC to meet future demands.

I run a raid 10 + 1 hot standby drive and get 400MB/s out of it with a 5ge nic using spinners.

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