[Q] RT-AC86U AC2900 w/ Merlin - All Lights off, LAN Port 4 only...?


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Had device running on Merlin for a year. Updated occasionally. About a year ago the device failed. Have finally had some time to diagnose it (between moving house twice, family health issues, etc) however I cannot get it to work. Last backup I made is "2019.06.21".

Holding reset button for 10-20 secs after powering on the device does nothing.
LAN Port 4 is steady / on and not flashing.
No other lights are on. Power light is not on.

LAN connection from PC to router via LAN 1 does not light up the indicator on the router, nor can I ping or 0.1.

Any thoughts?
Thank you! :(

RT-AC2900 / RT-AC86U

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