Q4 Products and Price Drops?

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Given that many of the professional NAS players are starting to edge into the consumer/prosumer markets (QNAP/Synology/Thecus), do you guys see a flood of new consumer NAS products coming in November/December for the holiday season. It seems like the "new new thing" will be the combo NAS/streamer like the NMP 1000.

Anything "must haves" on the horizon that may be worth the wait?

I am thinking it may be better to hold off a buying decision until late Q4 or post holidays, but did not know if any of the tech professionals or mods had an opinion.


(PS. Currently leaning towards a combination of Synology DS209 and a Squeezebox Duet)
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Mr. Easy
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I think you're already seeing the Q4 products roll out. NETGEAR Stora, Thecus N2200, etc. Just look at the recent announcements.

Manufacturers are trying different flavors and mash-ups of NAS and NAS-like products.

I don't see any particular reason to wait if you see products that meet your needs.


New Around Here
Thanks for the quick reply.

From what I have seen from this site and others, I agree with you. I think the mashups may take a generation or two to get it right at the consumer level. I still may wait for some holiday price drops, though. Can pay the two months power bill on my old Dell running FreeNAS until December. :D

Do you plan to review the new Thecus N2200 anytime soon? The price/features mix is intriguing.

Great site and thanks.


Mr. Easy
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Do you plan to review the new Thecus N2200 anytime soon? The price/features mix is intriguing.
Not soon. Thecus hasn't given a time frame for shipping a review unit.

Remember that products introduced in January @ CES often don't ship until 6-9 months later.


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I Can't wait for the N2200! I have two 1.5 TB drives waiting to be plugged in to this future product...

Please try and push to get this unit in for review.. :)


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