QNAP TS-453B QTS Blocked Outbound

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After installing Skynet on my router I found couple of outbound communication of my NAS.
I only use it as local storage. Sure it should be allowed to check Firmware upgrades or check virus updates or check the time. I allowed that. But I noticed the NAS is sending every couple of seconds a outbound request to IP

Not sure what is this is needed for and
-------- | -------------- | -------------- | --------------
| Hits | | | IP Address | | | AlienVault | | | Ban Reason |
-------- | -------------- | -------------- | --------------
9895x | (AT) | https://otx.alienvault.com/indicator/ip/ | *

Anyone an idea what this is?


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That looks like a NordVPN server.
Thanks & interesting. I have NordVPN but never used it on my NAS...
I just looked at QVPN service 2 and found it.
Thanks- great help!

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